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Reduce CV Fraud
A survey in 2006 conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, claims up to 7.5 million people may not have been truthful to a potential employer during the recruitment process.

Online Skills Testing
and Assessment Services

Internet Tests:

Save time and money by assessing candidates over the Internet.

CV fraud is the main impediment to successful candidate selection. How do you know if a candidate's stated qualifications are real?

Using E-validator's tried and tested question database, you can screen candidates before they are invited to interviews. Not only do you save time and money but its easier to select the best candidate to do the job.

E-validator offers you the freedom to set and pose your own screening questions to go right alongside specialist skills.


Skills tests - 22352 questions in 485 categories.

Screening tests - Customisable pre-interview questions.

Typing tests - Determine speed and accuracy.

Now Do It Tests - Simulate a real software environment.

Personality profiling - Fit your candidate into a team.

Portal services - Ask our questions on your web site.

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